Posted by: ourbakersdozen | December 9, 2010

the joke for today….

is over here!

I snickered quite a bit over it last night. Its funny but not THAT funny so I’m guessing I was just over tired. Tell me how much YOU Laughed. Hehehehehe!!!!


Some beautiful new babies to drool over and love on are here and here…. and Baby Leo needs prayers as you will see from the post announcing his birth so please pass the request on.

How is your advent coming along? Mine – not as good as I had hoped BUT most importantly I have been peaceful. We are in the middle of looking for a new home… and praying/hoping/wishing/crossing our fingers that we can buy/lease to own this house.  So I am packing… wrapping, buying, praying, baking  and not necessarily all in that order. Obviously there is a lot of repeating in that list of to dos especially the praying!

I have been invited to join a writers group that meets this coming Tuesday. I am excited and nervous. Have not done any serious writing in a year… so I need to come up with something for them to critique. Any suggestions?

Oh… and (drum roll please) here is our first Advent tree. It has been a great hit and now sports TWO strings of purple lights and THIS Sunday we will have another marathon of painting Christmas light bulbs again and then dress the tree in a string of pink lights.  This picture taken on my phone (I’m very lazy this year! And a certain 12 year old has taken my camera hostage!) so forgive the lack of quality.




  1. Oh, that’s a cute house. And another lot besides! But it looks like it’s not adjacent? Anyway, good luck!

    And now I must ask, because the children pray diligently for her every night, how is Emma?


  2. Our insurance is in limbo right now and my calls are not being returned when I call for an update. Very frustrating. Looks Like I will have to go to the office and see them in person – about 3 hours robbed out of my day. Until then Emma is in need of one more (painful) VCUG and possibly the full surgery. We have stopped all meds as she was getting sick from the meds but will start them again soon. She is wearing dark circles which is a strong indication that at least on one side the reflux is back. =( So please keep praying! She is occasionally in pain but until we sort out the insurance we are in limbo!

    Extra lot is to the side of the house and incredibly long! We would put up privacy fencing between us and the neighboring house and eventually fence in the whole yard. Very quiet street and less than a block from a Senior parishioner who will possibly lose her license soon – so I am hopeful that God is placing us where we can be of service to her. She loves my children dearly and they her!!

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