Posted by: ourbakersdozen | November 25, 2010

Grateful for Family

Here is our whole family sans one member – Miguel – he was in Georgia training with the military. Somehow we have to figure out how to photoshop him into the photo – eh? This picture was taken by Paul Tomas and then “pikniked” by Bethany…

This Thanksgiving we will again almost all be together… only this weekend it will be our eldest who lives in Ireland that will be missing from the family gathering. I wonder when we will all manage to be under the same roof  at the same time again. It might be quite some time before it happens but in the mean time I will spend this Thanksgiving being grateful for all my family no matter where they are! God Bless to you and yours and may all of you have a blessed and cheerful Thanksgiving!


  1. Love this photo! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. The same here. Just missing our eldest and his wife — but always thankful to be together — as many of us as we can gather. You have such a beautiful, beautiful family! Many blessings to you and yours this Thanksgiving!

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