Posted by: ourbakersdozen | November 19, 2010

Confession 101

Actually that is the name of a book I was published in. I wrote the section on how to prepare your children for confession. Now would be where I link to the book on Amazon BUT I’m short on time and I have to get this off my chest in hopes of absolution from my readers. As I so graciously pointed out to my readers a few short days ago it was only 14 it’s nine to days to Advent … and … so…  here is my confession.

I am listening to Christmas Music while I bake our snacks for the next few days.

I have NO idea where my Advent wreath is NOR do I have my candles yet? What about you? Getting your preparations for the wreath, readings and quiet Advent activities ready? Me, I’m going to keep listening to my Christmas play list baking and thinking about what to do this year for Advent. And if any readers have 13 yr old sons who are not quite into Advent… put him in charge of planning a couple of activities for the various feasT days we have sprinkled out through the season.  Nothing like being in charge of something to get you involved.  (Wink wink!)



  1. The only reason I know where my Advent wreath is, is because I had to get a new one. Ours broke last year. I found one on sale, and then discounted because the box was damaged and the candles were included. Other than knowing where that is, and knowing we have the Elf on the Shelf that shows up on St. Nicholas day…nothing is planned. But I do have a Chris Tomlin Christmas CD in my van I’ve been listening to…does that count?

  2. TOTALLY COUNTS… but you didn’t see me say that here…. If you knew how strict I used to try to be about not playing Christmas music until late in advent – you would understand!!!

  3. We have a beautiful advent wreath that is breakable and my three toddlers ADORE candles and fire…so this year, we’re doing it a little different. We’re doing an Advent Tree. Christmas Tree with strands of purple and pink lights that we add on and light up each week. We won’t actually trim our tree until Christmas Eve with ornaments, garlands and other lights!

    • I LOVE THAT IDEA! I might buy a small tree and do something similar. I hate lighting those candles with small ones around. AWESOME!!!

  4. Ooooh, thank you for the tip. I think that will be just the thing for my son, who loves to be in charge of anything! LOL

    Last year we used battery operated candles we colored the correct colors, but I had found them at the Family Dollar and they were very poor quality. I intend to use the same concept, but we’ll find better candles!

  5. I actually remembered to buy new candles at the little Catholic shop this past week. It helped she sends out email newsletters and our dentist is right next door and my oldest had a cleaning that day. Now the wreath is with the Christmas decorations in the attic. Maybe later today I’ll venture up there and see if I can find the right box. We’re also still working on the fall leaves/yardwork so probably only if it rains.

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