Posted by: ourbakersdozen | November 16, 2010


…twelve days to advent. The past two years I have posted daily crafts and prayers associated with the Jesse tree – on my previous blogspot blog. Not sure what to do – if anything this year. I don’t have time to recreate this for this blog. Does anyone even want the crafts? Is more than a handful of people reading my blog anymore? My stats say yes – but somehow I don’t believe those stats.

I do want a contemplative Advent for myself and my family. We NEED this. So how about I turn the tables and ask you my readers WHAT are you planning for Advent this year. How will you keep Christ present and in the forefront during the secular hoopla that will invade our lives this Advent season?

I have my thinking cap on… and I will share any light bulb moments I experience… if any. There is a CD I am contemplating buying. I’ll let you know what I decide.

In the meantime please share what you think you will do this year – or something you know someone else will do. I’ll all ears… or should I say eyes?



  1. We’ve been tossing around ideas for a more permanent, durable Jesse tree for the last couple years. We were cleaning up a lot of loose wood from limbs dropped during recent wind storms and it came to me to cut one up into discs that dh could draw the symbols on. He wants to carve them, and started working on the first one last week. At least he’ll get them sketched out this year. I’ll have the kids collect some branches to make the tree and glue the readings to the backs. The three oldest are all old enough to share in the reading rotation, along with #4 possibly with some assistance.

    Other than that, I got a big head start on my Christmas gifts this year. I finally planned far enough ahead that my gifts for far away family are all handmade, either crochet or knit. I also have all the kids teachers gifts done. The kids’ stocking gifts for St. Nicholas’ Day are done. Best of all, I was able to use leftovers from other projects for the majority of my gifts. I hope having so much done ahead of time will ease the pressure of Advent. We basically just need to make out our lists for our own kids’ gifts and the few family members who live close by.

    We also do a manger for Baby Jesus that we fill with good deeds to pad his little bed. But, I would love suggestions for encouraging participation, especially of my older kids (read 13yo boy!!!).

  2. Feeling the same way — Just want to “escape” from the hoopla! I’m thinking of making a special craft or food-basket that we can mass-produce for all those on our Christmas list — but then have nothing but simple stockings and one big family gift (as we can afford it) for the Big Day. Mostly, I want most of our attention to be focused on Our Lord’s Birthday, pryaing the Christmas Crib daily, then focusing on activities we can do together — each weekend, a different “event” — Things like: a family tree-hunt and cutting trip, a cookie making party, a Nativity setting-up weekend, an open-house for the relatives, carolling, etc…. Love hearing everyone else’s plans, though — Inspiration is wonderful!

  3. We are keeping the decorating really simple this year.
    I actually filled a grocery bag with decorations & things out of our decorating supplies that we simply do not need.

    Our advent reflections are read after the family dinners.

    I enjoy your blog… keep writing!

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