Posted by: ourbakersdozen | November 14, 2010

Silence VS Laughter

Any mother knows that when a toddler or any child under five is silent – it is time to go looking to see what that child is up to and it is generally no good. This can vary from painting the wall with permanent marker to exploring the contents of the toilet but it is never anything good. Ok – occasionally they have fallen asleep and even then – depending in the time of the day this too can spell disaster. Napping after 3 pm in our house typically means a 1 AM bedtime for me

But what about laughter – you know the ear splitting, wall shaking laughter that is bubbling forth from an area that you can not see. Can that too spell disaster? Well, if you are in the bathroom fully dressed – even wearing tights under your jeans and sporting a diaper too and supposedly only watching your five year old sister taking a bath – yes that laughter can mean more than just a delighted viewer. It can mean that the audience has joined said five year old in the full bath – still wearing her soiled diaper, tights, jeans and plaid shirt and is joyfully applying shampoo to her own red, excuse me GOLDEN, curls.

So how has your quiet Sunday afternoon been going? Given this almost 2 year old is now silent (read napping) after 3 pm – I am contemplating a very late bedtime for myself. Netflix anyone? Cause that’s where Cecilia and I will be tonight – probably watching Monk. Season five to be exact so shhhh no details about future seasons.

Oh, and if anyone has a spare Hail Mary or two they can share with me – please throw a few my way. Occasionally I am hit with a fit of homesickness that causes me to job search the Canadian classifieds. They seem to happen most frequently on Sunday. Not sure why – but they do and I am currently in such a funk. So say a prayer or two for me please. I really need them. THANK YOU!! =)



  1. You know the best cure for homesickness…a cup of coffee with friends! Maybe this is the week for that. 🙂

    • You inviting me??? =) Cause I need a cuppa friendship right about now.

  2. yes, I’m inviting you! When is good for you?

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