Posted by: ourbakersdozen | November 12, 2010

Where Have I Been???

Well – aside from nervously dusting off my side of the bed and frequently checking under my pillow (see previous post) – I have been homeschooling with a computer program that is frequently crashing – not the program’s fault but it is more the consequence of antique elderly computers some with insufficient lapsing memory.  This has been the cause of some serious nervous breakdowns on my part and, at times, on the part of my homeschooled students.

When not cursing fixing computers and/or resetting school calendars I have been working on my part time business.  It is my goal to be in middle management by the end of November.  This is not just a matter of desire on my part but of financial need. We have lost about 600 – 800 dollars of income and it must needs be replaced!! Sadly my husband’s salary is not impacted by how good or effective he is. While a very popular teacher with both staff and students – his salary is what it is and not a penny more can be pinched out of it. He is also working on his Masters so as to improve himself as a teacher, as well as improve his salary potential.  In short, he is doing all he can at this point to support our abundant family still at home. This means either I go work for an outside boss to help replace that income and answer to someone else’s hours and demands OR make my business successful.  All of the older children are helping in whatever little way they can – from helping to fill orders as they come in or simply doing their chores on time so as to help me not feel stressed about the house.

In addition to this I have been struggling for months, on a daily basis, with an injured knee and shoulder. The continuous pain is not debilitating but it does wear one down. Finally my back gave out last weekend and I was given a shot of cortisone. Praise be to God! I can WALK! I can not tell you how grateful I feel for the prayers of support I have received during this time.

Oh… and we need to move. The house we are renting is for sale…


This past week has been exceptionally busy as I have been  helping our local unit prepare for a holiday open house.  What delightful baskets and gift ideas we have come up with. I wish I had some pictures I could share with you all.  I know you are all too far away to come BUT if any of you would like to help support me in my endeavors you can visit my website and on the 13th – 15th (This Saturday – Monday) I will bestow the same discount I am offering to local customers who do not currently have a Mary Kay consultant – 20% off their purchases.  (BTW – This discount is applied to your purchase AFTER I receive notice from the site that an order has been placed.)

I can not tell you how much your support, whether in prayers or a purchase, will be appreciated.  If 24 readers bought just a 10 dollar item… well – the math is simple, eh.  =)  I think I might still have 24 readers… maybe. GULP! Perhaps not. I have NOT been a very loyal blogger of late and I do apologize for that.  I keep hoping to do better but life keeps throwing me curve balls and… I’m not good at playing ball! AT. All.

Did I mention we have to move… and the Holidays are almost upon us! First Sunday in ADVENT IS ONLY SIXTEEN DAYS AWAY!!! Thanksgiving… is thirteen!

Anyway – I will close this post with a poll. I don’t have time to create a real poll so feel free to leave comments.

I’m seriously thinking of returning to my old blog. I have not been able to accomplish what I wanted to with this blog and I have not been able to add links and I simply do NOT have the time right now to learn my way around here and not even the book I purchased has helped.  no time to read it

Anyhoo – let me know what you think. And please if anyone would needs a new lipstick or gloss, maybe some fantastic skin care products take a look at my website. I will be glad to mail samples and our products are 100% guaranteed!  I stand behind that guarantee – I promise. And Mary Kay stands behind me as well!!!

God Bless and let’s hope we get to ‘see’ more of each other over the next few weeks!



  1. Just saying hello and I’m still here… because you just popped up on my reader. 🙂 I’ve been wondering where you’ve been!

  2. I’ll follow you wherever your blog ends up. I need the encouragement from one big family to another, no matter how infrequently that happens to be. I’m a terrible blogger, too. I understand…oh, and we recently found out that we are expecting TWO this March! So, we’ll be up to 8.

    Sending prayers your way about your financial and housing situations! Send a few my way for safe birthing. I’d still like to birth out-of-hospital, but most likely better off at the birth center than home.

  3. I have shared your link and information about your 20% off sale with family and friends on my Facebook account. I only have family and friends that i really know on there so I feel safe in sharing. I hope you are OK with this.

  4. Thank you Jennie, Bekah and Diane for your loyalty! Bekah = prayers on the way for a safe birth in March and all the graces you will need after!!! (TWINS!!! YIKES!!!)
    Diane thank you for sharing the link. I greatly appreciate it!

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