Posted by: ourbakersdozen | September 23, 2010


I felt pain in my knuckles as they scraped the brick wall and suddenly the pain intensified causing me to pull my arm away from the wall. The movement… woke me from what was a  very realistic dream. The pain had been intense and my knuckle still ached from it.  So much so that I rubbed my knuckle sleepily – trying to see if I could feel any scrapes or cuts on it.  I considered looking for my cell phone so I could use its back light to check my knuckle but in my tiredness I dismissed the idea and rolled over, slipping my other hand between my two feather pillows. As I drifted asleep I felt a sudden searing pain in the pinkie of that hand.

I gasped and sat up clutching my throbbing hand and woke Hugo asking him to turn on our small side lamp. We discovered my finger was punctured and bleeding. The knuckle was also punctured in two places.  As I sat there googling spider bites, black widow in particular – Hugo took my side of the bed apart.  He had spied a mouse disappearing into the corner of my closet a few weeks earlier but I did not have bite marks and I was already developing a red streak down the side of my pinkie.

Having been bitten three times we made the decision to go to the ER where I was given predisone and when I told the doctor on call that I had thought I was dreaming with the first two bites – he grinned and said “Well, if these are the result of a dream – I want to be there when you dream about money!” (HA! Me too!!)

After observing me for a while I was sent home with a script for more predisone and told to see my doctor the next day. It was a little after 5 am by the time I crawled back into bed and tucked my hand back between my pillow. As I drifted off to sleep…





So once more we turned the light on and again my knuckle was bleeding and throbbing. We were astounded!  Hugo took the bed apart again and this time striped the pillows right down to the bare cover. Nothing…

But we did discover that the seams of the pillows had begun to wear and there were small openings. Small openings that a black widow could have crawled in… or some other type of spider that has a vicious kick to its bite!

Needless to say – I did not sleep on my bed the few hours that were left till time to get up for Sunday Mass. Instead I dozed fitfully on the cot we have set up for children who are ill and want to be near us at night. The next two nights I slept on Hugo’s side of the bed. And my feather pillows – bagged and thrown out.

Weeks later and I am still somewhat hesitant every time I slip my hand under my new feather pillow. So yeah I’m paranoid… just a little! But for good reason – don’t you think?



  1. Ugh! That’s terrible. I don’t blame you one bit.

  2. Uh, yeah…VERY good reason!

  3. That’s creepy – I commend you for being able to sleep at all! We used to say “sleep tight, and don’t’ let the bedbugs bite”. In your case, that simple exhortation is only the tip of the iceberg!!!

  4. Yikes! Um… I don’t think I’d sleep for weeks!

  5. […] aside from nervously dusting off my side of the bed and frequently checking under my pillow (see previous post) – I have been homeschooling with a computer program that is frequently crashing – not […]

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