Posted by: ourbakersdozen | September 9, 2010

one more try….

I have been preparing for school since oh – mid August with the grand plans of returning to school the week Hugo would start going in to do his planning. I was given a huge set of CDs that were the basis of a curriculum that (drum roll please)

marks itself !!

I call it my “teacher in a box” and I was very excited to get it installed on the four computers that we would need in order for each child to have their own to work on. I immediately ran into some glitches. These lead to more glitches… which lead to a longer than scheduled summer break.

I managed to get one child set up and rolling while my sons struggled to rebuild two of the four computers as the only means of getting rid of the glitches that were halting the uploading of the needed software.  For some reason – this process kept coming to halt and then….

… the one and only child whose computer was working




that the videos were lagging… until finally the computer was running so slow they would not play at all… She joined the others on their extended vacation and I threatened to hire someone to fix said computers. (You know how the shoemakers kids all go shoeless… ) I got her set up on a laptop I had borrowed and reset her calendar and she started again.  At long last after many threatened tears the other two computers were up and running but in the process Nathaniel had fallen behind his schedule as Bethany was using his computer… and then Bethany accidentally did too many science lessons in one day and now I have to reinstall her on another computer…

Did I mention that this curriculum had been given to me for free! Its a good thing too! Because the price I have paid in stretched nerves and worn patience is way beyond any dollar amount! So tomorrow – we will hopefully have FOUR children on FOUR computers each doing their own school work that is graded as they go along and I will teach Emma and Elsa their phonics and math along with a few other subjects.

Oh and I plan on getting them out of bed at six AM! I’ll let you know how the day goes….


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