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After a few technical glitches – which were so stupid – I’m not even sharing what they were cause I’m too embarrassed I’m BACK!

Supposing I even have any readers left – how do I catch you all up with all that has transpired this summer?

While it appears that the earth MUST be flat and that we fell off the edge – we did not. We are still in our little abode in small town USA.  But  has been an incredibly busy summer.  And the upcoming months are going to be just as busy – if not busier because, of course, we are back to school now with all of its excitement and homeschool group meetings etc etc.

School finished in early June and my husband almost immediately started another job assisting with a summer camp. In the two week gap between the two he finished up two courses and earned himself a nice 4.0 GPA and a scholarship for the new course that he just started last week – as he rolled back into a  new school year as the tech teacher.  Somewhere in there he also created a website for a parishioner who is a specialist here in the area. And that was just my husband’s summer.

I struggled with oodles and oodles of paperwork as the NC government in hopes of not paying us a 550 tax credit decided it was not possible that we had as many children as we had claimed… so I had to spend many weeks gathering proof from both Canada and here that I had indeed given birth to the 9 children claimed on our 2009 taxes.  In addition to that the IRS has misspelled two of our children’s names and I have been working on unraveling that mystery in hopes of gaining another tax credit they withheld as a result.  (Of course, they did not make things easier for me by revealing just which children don’t match their records – just told us that two children’s names do not match their records thus…. I’m still working on this mess.)

In addition to this paperwork – I have been building my Mary Kay business and enjoying this very much.  Facials anyone? I’m enjoying learning about colors, make up application and, of course, the very foundation of Mary Kay – skin care! I have completed quite a bit of training this past summer.

Now regular readers will also know that we started our summer off with Emma Louise needing surgery to correct bilateral reflux of her kidneys and that in June we learned that the surgery had not been quite successful.  So late in August we repeated the procedure that was done in May and we will learn in 2 – 3 months time whether it was fully successful or if yet a third and this time the full 2 – 3 hour surgery will be needed.  I have specific prayer intentions I will share later regarding this.

And sandwiched between all of this was a soccer injury that lead to some scary moments in late July. Our sixth child, Anna, turned 17 in July and had a childhood friend from Raleigh come down to spend a week with us.  She was a delight to have in the house and fit in like a regular member of the family.  The little ones adored her!

While she was here – we were experiencing some of the hottest weather ever – even for the south and this in a house without central air. So we had small pockets of relief in three areas of the house – in my office, the living room and my bedroom.  (BTW whoever dropped off the huge box fans in the back yard – if you read my blog “THANK YOU”! They were a most welcome addition to our home!)

Well – it was just way too hot to play soccer during the day so  after 10 pm while Ana was here visiting –  Noah, Ben, our Anna, Bethany would all troop over the large field across the road for the nuns convent and play soccer under the street lamps with whatever local friends they could scour up at that late hour of the day. You could hear the happy yells and cheers as they scored and missed goals all the way back to the house through our open windows.  However on Friday night – the game did not go so well when Noah collided with Anna – knocking her over and then falling on top of her – across her back just as she hit the hard ground.

She was pretty upset at first as she had just warned him to try and not be so rough. But – she is a tough kid and she got back into the game.  Saturday she complained of a stomach ache and a lot of bloating but as she is lactose intolerant and had had milk the night before – we did not worry too much about it.  But when she was still seriously bloated Sunday morning – something clicked and I took her to the ER. There they did a Cat Scan to determine if she had what they suspected a laceration of the liver – the third that week in this particular ER.  I quickly looked this up on Hugo’s droid and learned that 80% of all lacerations heal on their own and I relaxed.

However when the doctor returned with results of the cat scan – his face was tight with worry and he quietly explained that the trauma to her liver was worse than originally suspected and in fact was “out of their league”. Therefor they would be sending her to a nearby trauma center and listed four for me to choose from. We settled on the one that would take her the quickest. I asked if my husband and I were to drive her up there immediately….

“No no” – he interrupted – “we would be transporting her by ambulance.” And not just any ambulance, she was being sent by Critical Care Transport and would be accompanied by two nurses.  That somehow just kind of stops your heart. I had to pull my nerves together and stretch my face into a blank canvas so as not to  show the intense fear that was building in my chest while I quietly wiped the tear that trickled down my 17 yr olds face. I quickly texted my husband who was getting groceries as we had company coming for dinner. Then I texted Gabriela and told her what to quickly pack in an overnight bag for Anna and I. And in there somewhere I sent one to our parish priest who immediately asked our newest priest to head over and anoint Anna before she left for the nearby city of Charlotte. Hugo arrived just in time to pass me the overnight bag, kiss Anna’s forehead and give her a blessing.  As Anna was strolled down the hallway to the awaiting ambulance the Dr explained to my husband his diagnosis and why we were being sent an hour away.  I can not sufficiently put into the words the feeling you experience when you see the bright red letters painted on the back of the doors of the vehicle your daughter is about to be loaded into:  “Critical Care Transport”

Long story short – we spent three days in Charlotte in a great hospital – surrounded by very supportive staff and further tests revealed that while there had been  internal bleeding the laceration was already healing and the suspected damage to the bile ducts – was no longer evident. God Be Praised! When we returned home it took Anna few weeks to feel a hundred percent but she has made a full recovery. Now we are waiting to see if our little Emma will soon be 100 %.

I started the season off  – praying for a dull summer.  ‘Please Lord – bless me with boredom’. June was fairly dull. I guess God felt that was all the boredom I could handle. That’s okay – because as always – He provided the graces we needed to keep moving forward even if sometimes it was only one minute at a time.

How was your summer?


  1. Oh, goodness. How frightening! I’m glad she is alright and we’re still praying for Emma here nightly. The girls will be glad for an update.

  2. Christi! What a summer!!

    Missed your blog – glad you’re back 😉

    • I’m glad to be back!!! Hopefully I can get at least a post a week up over the next few months! Thanks for being such a loyal reader! You too Jennie!

  3. Oh my goodness! Poor Anna! And her brother must have felt just awful. I am so glad that the dire diagnosis of the doctor was unfounded, and Anna is on the mend. Praise be to God, and to his servants, our Priests, who comfort and heal us with the anointing.

    Our summer was pretty boring, all in all. I spent most of it down and out with morning sickness. Number 7 is on the way. 🙂

  4. What a summer you had!!! I’m continue to pray for Emma’s kidneys and all that nasty tax stuff. Our summer was interesting mostly with some new foster children ( a baby boy in May and a 7 yr old girl and 2 yr old boy siblings since late July) plus our 3 daughters (23, 20, and 3) otherwise I would say much duller than yours.

  5. Glad to hear both girls are okay and that the summer was “uneventful” for the rest of you!

    Also glad the glitches are fixed! I kept checking every couple of days to see if things were all fixed … today was a pleasant surprise!

    • Wow – so many of my readers had such interesting summers. Beth & Bekah have been growing new babies! Becky has been fostering children – such a brave endeavor!!! And Jennie has been farming all summer and delighting us all with her posts about it! Anyone else care to share?

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