Posted by: ourbakersdozen | August 11, 2010

locked out

You know that sinking feeling when you slam the door shut to your vehicle and realize as it clicks that you are missing something vital, that weight you should be feeling in your left hand is not there and you look at the ignition and sure enough there are the keys…

Well that feeling is something similar to what I felt when I typed in my password and it did not open my wordpress account for me. I used all my variations of my password that I have for different accounts and not a single one opened the door. Finally I gave up and requested a new password and it was something like 5ah6n89j3hg2. Clearly my poor brain was NOT going to remember that password so as soon as I got back into wordpress I began to search for a link that clearly stated ‘change password here’ and when that did not appear I began looking under titles like.. SETTINGS and no where could I find a means to change my password so I was stuck with 5ah6n89j3hg2.

This meant that each time I wanted to unlock my blog and let myself in I had to go to my email and look up the password. I simply don’t have the time (or patience) for that extra step so I have been writing lots of funny posts in my head and I’m afraid only I will ever have read them as I have already forgotten them. (Early Dementia maybe?) Today I decided to google “where do I change my password on wordpress” and it told me to go to personal settings and scroll down the page to where I could change my password.

Filled with confidence and hope and already signed in under the temporary password – zoomed right over the link that clearly says SETTINGS and looked for Personal Settings though in the back of my mind was a niggling question – why had I not found personal settings under this link before??? My doubt was not to be disappointed and nary a personal settings did I find under that link… I began to think of a new query for google “where do I find personal settings on wordpress’ but was a little worried what personal might uncover in such a search. I went back to my original search in hopes that some small clue might be revealed as to the whereabouts of this link. There I discovered through the haze of my sleep deprived eyes (perhaps a clue to my inability to remember the password in the first place?) that personal settings was a hyperlink,  “AHA!”, I thought, “perhaps this will unlock the mystery as to where “personal settings” are located.” So I clicked and…. was TAKEN TO PERSONAL SETTINGS!

And so I am glad to announce that I have a new set of keys and am back in the drivers seat ready and eager to post. Now I just have to figure out how to squeeze the time to write in to my schedule! So if I actually have ANY readers left – I’M BACK and now you know why I abandoned my post blog for so long. Lets hope I don’t lock myself out again anytime soon!


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