Posted by: ourbakersdozen | July 21, 2010

Emma Update

Praise God the xray reports were found and we were informed of the changes in her status and future plans for treating her bilateral reflux of the kidneys. Good news all signs of reflux gone from the left which was a 2 -3 grade,

Bad news – while the reflux on the right (the kidney she was/is in danger of losing) has been reduced by half she still has reflux – about a 2.  So we are heading in the right direction – we just are not there yet.  So we will have another procedure/surgery scheduled in September unless UTIs become an issue. Then we will do it sooner. But if we can wait a little while to give Emma a rest from the various sedations and general anesthesia she has experienced since late April – this would be good. So now you know what to pray for… no UTIs and a 100% successful repeat of what was done in May. GOD BLESS and thank you all for the prayers!



  1. I am so glad the x-rays were found! I will continue to pray for your little girl, that her medical team will be successful in treating her and she will keep both kidneys and remain in good health! Amen.

  2. Just found your blog through St Monica’s Bridge. Our 2 year old also has gone through the reflux issues (born with only one functioning kidney, grade 3 reflux in the “good” one), but so far he has not needed surgery yet.

    It’s so rare for me to run across anyone who has gone through this type of health issue with their child – let alone in the blog world!

    I will be saying prayers for Emma and her doctors!

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