Posted by: ourbakersdozen | July 20, 2010

Mail’s here…

Hugo has attained a GPA of 4.0 since taking his first two graduate courses towards his teachers certification. One of the profs even asked permission to use of his assignments as an example to share with future students. In short – he is doing very well with his studies. This has resulted in the University offering him a one time one course scholarship and he only had X number of days to get his acceptance mailed in. This was not a letter I wanted to chance the mailman missing. I wanted to see it go in an official USPS mail box.

So, with the calendar ticking,  yesterday I loaded Cecilia into her stroller and Elsa grabbed her pink crocs and we headed out the door. Carefully we manipulated her monstrosity of a stroller down the stairs and headed off in the heat. Elsa clasped the side of the stroller with one hand and chatted cheerfully away – excited to be on a walk just with me and the baby. Eventually she thought to ask 1) where we going and 2) why?

Eying the extremely valuable envelope in the basket below Cecilia’s ride – I answered: “We are going to the post office because Daddy’s school has offered to pay for his next course and we have to send this letter to them agreeing to accept their offer.” To which she responded with a simple. “Oh!” and then continued chattering about life – as she knows it.

It was not long before we were within a block of the post office when we decided to take a short break and sit on one of  the delightfully cool benches under the thick shade of a sidewalk tree. Cecilia had been remarkably quiet all this time and it was then that I noticed that as people walked by they were waving. I glanced at the stroller that was facing away from me and saw this tiny fist waving at these strangers – putting delighted smiles on their faces. So that was how she was entertaining herself while Elsa and I rolled her along in princess fashion. Worried we would miss the rather restricted postal hours in this tiny USPS adjunct I suggested we pick up our travels again. Elsa hurried ahead to push open the heavy glass door and grunted as she held it open for the Queen’s carriage Cici’s stroller to pass through.  I passed the pristine white stamped envelope to Elsa and asked her to do the honours… She grasped the large metal handle and pulled the door back and popped the letter in and stretching on her toes watched it disappear. She let it close with a satisfactory clang and rested back on her feet as she peered up at me asking:

“So is it at Daddy’s school now?”

Oh – if the USPS could only deliver that quickly it would never need to raise the price of a stamp again – as kazillions of letters would be send hourly this way – oh wait… that would be email!  No honey – but the letter is safely on its way and hopefully in a day or two will be on the desk it needs to be on – in time to accept this scholarship which, though small, is of huge assistance to us!


I have oodles of wonderful pictures to share with everyone – I am just lacking in time to post them. Funny stories to share too… again just lacking the time. I have set some lofty goals for myself and I humbly ask you all to pray for me as I work to attain them. Pray for courage and strength of purpose for me please especially as once I reach these goals – I will have time again to post – on a regular basis!


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