Posted by: ourbakersdozen | July 7, 2010

No (NEW) news…

… is good news –  or so they say. But when you are waiting to hear if surgery is in the future for you and you are only seven… you can get a little ancy. (And when you are the mum you get a LOT ancy!!!)  However, Emma is taking it in stride and only asking me once or twice a day if we have heard from the Doctor and do we know what we will do about the left over reflux… If I don’t hear soon I will be calling him myself.  Given this was a long weekend – I am a little worried about the results possibly getting lost as there were fewer people working on Monday and a few mistakes were made while we were there… like taking Emma to the adult radiology department instead of the pediatric and being completely unaware that she was to be sedated… I had to get a bit firm with them as they were simply not believing me that a mistake had been made. In the end – I simply called pediatrics and the nurse just came and rescued got us. I will update when I actually have a little more information!

God Bless and thank you so much for all of your prayers!


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