Posted by: ourbakersdozen | June 26, 2010

Time Travel

I traveled back in time a few nights ago. Cecilia wanted to do something that I did not want her to do. She stopped to look at me and our eyes locked and there set in in her face, under her red curls, I saw Jenny at age three. While it was Cecilia staring at me it was through her older sister’s eyes. I was startled as I was thrown back into the eighties and saw Jenny staring at me with that defiance, determination and intense blue eyes I grew to know so well during her toddler & preschool years.

Today Jennifer is a mother to two and is currently locked in battle from time to time with her own intense blued eyed wonder that is a mere 4 months older than her aunt Cecilia.  I hope and pray that this defiance and determination that carried Jennifer through many a difficult time and enabled her to accomplish any goal she set for herself will bode my Cecilia and her Lydia as well as it did her.  In the meantime I must prepare for more battles to come – but at least next time I won’t be caught off guard when I see Jenny’s stubborn stare locked with mine; frozen in time but on Cecilia’s little face.


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