Posted by: ourbakersdozen | June 18, 2010

The Joys of a ONE car family….

As I am sure almost all, if not all, of my readers are well aware of – this is World Cup season for soccer. (Do I call it season? Can you tell I’m not really involved in sports?)

Well, whatever we call it – most wives are currently soccer widows as my sister in England recently attested to me.  I am not so much a widow as I do hang about the couch and ask annoying questions like – what’s that yellow card for and why are they chasing that white and black ball? So yesterday all of the boys were heading south to visit their oldest brother for the afternoon to watch Mexico VS France and knowing that some of the younger fries would rebel that they were of the wrong sex to join this soccer fest I did some quick last minute planning.

As I am not above blackmail when it come to chores I let it be known through the local grape vine that soccer fans and splash pad fans who wanted to participate in the afternoon activities of either traveling to see Jonathan or going to the Y to play on the splash pad or in the pool must have ALL chores completed by one. Amidst the hustling and bustling of brooms sweeping and toys being flung put away I gather up towels and bathing suits for the females that would be splashing at the Y with me.

Hoping to squeeze one more load of laundry through its cycle before we all left for various destinations Emma suddenly called down to me from the top of stairs;

“Mummy… if Daddy and the boys are all driving to Jonathan’s how are we going to get to the Y?” Some of you who know us personally might have been clever enough to have already been pondering that same question. I, however, do not appear to be such a bright light bulb and had not thought about that complication!

Solution – packed the kiddie pool in the back of  the van and they played in Jonathan’s backyard whilst the soccer fans enjoyed watching Mexico slaughter beat France 2:0 and then chuckled over Maradona’s non-apology to Pele.

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