Posted by: ourbakersdozen | June 1, 2010

Say What?

A younger child came to me this morning and asked “are there any such things as fortlets?”

I responded; “As what?”

She repeated herself; “As fortlets?”

Thinking I just wasn’t paying close enough attention to her I stopped what I was doing and looked at her.

“Is there any such thing as fortlets?” she repeated.

‘I’m sorry’ I said – still as confused as when I was when I was only half listening and I fought the desire to shake my head as if to clear my ears of stuffing. “Is there such a thing as what?”

Apparently I looked as confused as I felt and so she added more detail for my benefit. “You know like triplets, are there any fourlets?

I responded as offhandedly as I could, under the circumstances, and replied ‘Oh yes – they are called quads or quadruplets.’

“Oh, okay thanks!” she grinned at me and left the room while I sat there wondering what new game she was playing that she needed to know that.

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