Posted by: ourbakersdozen | May 21, 2010

You gotta think like a kid…

…as well as pray when you are looking for the keys that your husband left on the bed while changing his clothes after work and then did not think of again until it was time to leave for work the next day. He turned the bed practically upside down, shifted furniture, went through the bedding on the cot beside our bed – the one reserved for sleepovers when little ones are scared of the boogy man or not feeling so good. And then did this all about three more times. I calmly kept flipping pancakes, flinching on occasions when the bed banged down on the floor periodically throughout his very thorough search.

Pancakes ready and on the table surrounded by able children tired of searching for the elusive keys in their room in case a certain short person with red hair who shall remain nameless might have visited their rooms with said keys in hand – I took a deep breath, asked St Anthony to pray for another miracle and headed up the stairs.

I stared at the bed and cot and thought like a child. If I found keys what would I do with them? Hmmm – I pounced on a box, shook it and though it did not rattle I looked within it anyway.  Then I spied a new little black hand bag my other little red head had recently inherited. I shook it and again no rattle. None the less I unzipped it, nodded my head as I recognized Elsa’s ‘cramming signature’ and dug through everything but the kitchen sink. and there,  nestled amongst a kazillion items, were the gold keys.

Thank you Saint Anthony for your intercession and for helping me, once more, to think like a kid. I am so grateful that Benjamin’s and Hugo’s worry that Cecilia might have dropped them into the toilet was proven to be false, though it did add a certain fervency to my prayers.


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