Posted by: ourbakersdozen | May 2, 2010

Prayer Request

I will keep this brief.  Today May First, Emma Louise Kathleen and Nathaniel Paul received first Holy Communion. One week from today Emma will have surgery to correct bilateral reflux – grade 4 on the right side (which is the side of her swollen kidney) and grade 2 -3 on the left.  We do not know if there is permanent damage to the right kidney but it is most likely that this reflux has been present since birth. It is the surgeon’s hope that the valves to her bladder can be repaired with a shot of Deflux but the truth is the grade level four is not a good candidate for this repair and will most likely requires a complete re implantation of her right urethra.  I will learn on Monday approximately how long a surgery it will take to do this.  Clearly only an approximation can be given as every child every & surgery is different.

God willing and all goes well – Emma will be released from hospital the following morning but we have been warned that post-op recovery time is long and uncomfortable about 2 – 3 weeks, leading most parents to post pone this surgery until summer vacation so as not to miss such a lengthy spell of school.

I am begging you all to keep us and especially Emma, and her medical caregivers, in your prayers as often as you can remember and feel free to post her name and our prayer requests on your prayer lines.  I do not feel the peace I would like to feel. I hope to post some pictures from the past weeks to keep readers busy as we have had some incredibly awesome photo opportunities the past weeks and I simply have not had the time to post them.  But after Sunday my full attention will be completely on Emma and our family as we prepare for the upcoming weeks. Please keep us near Jesus, in your hearts thoughts and prayers. God Bless you all and thank you!



  1. You know we will pray fervently and without ceasing that you find peace. Having been through this, I know your feelings. If you need anything, I am happy to help. I can come sit with you or help with a child or two or more (!) anything. Please give Emma a hug from us and tell her we are praying for her speedy recovery. Kelly

  2. You are all in my prayers.

  3. […] for one post. First of all I will start with an update on Emma as many of you must be wondering how her surgery went.  As I shared earlier this month Emma was diagnosed just after Easter with bilateral reflux. […]

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