Posted by: ourbakersdozen | April 28, 2010

kudos for St Anthony….

A few weeks ago two important sets of keys went missing. We have a rack that sits atop of the kitchen door and we often hang the keys there. Shortly after the second set of  keys went missing Benjamin made a disturbing suggestion – perhaps the keys had been knocked accidentally into the garbage can that innocently rests near that very rack…The rack has a bad habit of occasionally falling off the door when over weighted with coats and towels and any other item we are not sure where to put.

I ignored that comment but stepped up my pleas for Saint Anthony’s intercession that we find the master keys… after a few more days went by with the keys still not found I began to tell him that even if he needed to ask Jesus to miraculously make the keys reappear from the local dump – could he PLEASE help us find the master keys soon. I was especially concerned about one set of keys as they were my husbands set and had the only key to our truck on it… The truck we are hoping to sell … soon…

In my mind I was very clear which set I was emphasizing to Saint Anthony that I needed his intercession with. Until the first set that went missing appeared – from under my rocking chair cushion. (Gives you an idea of how busy I have been that I had not had enough time to sit long enough on my rocking chair to feel this set of keys…)

I was thrilled and disappointed at the same time because I had yet to tell Hugo his keys were missing… with his back injury I had been doing all of the driving. I gently chided Saint Anthony while also feeling slightly guilty for not having been more clear in my description of the set most urgently needed.

Again I reminded Saint Anthony that it might be necessary for a real miracle to happen if these keys were ever to be found. Then a week ago my phone rang. A pleasant voice identified herself as being an employee of the YMCA and asked ‘was I related to Hugo G… ?’

Yes, I was his wife I told her. “Oh lovely” she said, “because his car keys have been found at Saint James Church in C…. (a city about 30 minutes from us) and we were able to identify them by his YMCA card attached to the keys.

I had asked Saint Anthony for a miracle and he did it! Praise the Lord! And kudos Saint Anthony for your faithful prayers!



  1. I love how St Anthony helps us!!! Praise God!

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