Posted by: ourbakersdozen | April 24, 2010


…whats my latest excuse for disappearing from the cyber world of blogging… last week it was that Emma was sick… (We will learn the scheduled date for her surgery this coming Monday… in the meantime we are continuing to “watch her back” literally as the right kidney is still swollen and could suffer serious damage from even a light blow that could be easily achieved when roughing around with any of her many siblings…)

So my excuse this week… I’m sick. Tried to ignore the fact all last week but it is no longer a fact I can hide from. My voice is cracking and not even my make up can make my face glow… like it did all last week. My nose is running constantly and I’m chasing it non stop with the softest tissues I can find and rubbing Vaseline on it continuously. My joints are aching and it hurts to get out of bed in the morning and after a nap . So why am I sitting here typing… I’m waiting for my Tylenol/Advil combo to kick in. Then I’m crawling going back to bed for a while. Maybe my rednosed, teething, grumpy, 15 month old side kick will join me. After all our noses look like twins – except mine is NOT slimy with mucus. Sorry is that  TMI???

Look forward to a few posts this week though – because while I am waiting for those pain meds to kick in I am going to scribble out a few short posts and schedule them so ya’ll have something to look forward to this week.

Oh and both Emma and Nathaniel are receiving First Communion this coming week and I just learned that the cream colored dress I had planned on Emma wearing… is not acceptable. I guess it has to be white…. any thoughts as to what I’m doing this week? Besides blowing my nose??? At least Emma will have fun! (Ok, I’ll have some fun too… ) Peg – any cake ideas – cause my brain  just   is    not    working!!!

Alrighty – brain is getting fuzzy… better get those posts out asap!


  1. I have not abandoned reading your blog, I promise. I get email updates every time you post and just haven’t had time to post a comment lately. I’m saying prayers for Emma and hope that things calm down for you soon. Hope you’re feeling better and everything just settles out.

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