Posted by: ourbakersdozen | April 22, 2010

I have not abandoned my blog!

I have just been extremely busy. I have popped in today so that anyone who happens to pass by this morning might be able to whisper a quick prayer for Emma and  as today is the day that Emma has her kidney & bladder exam done which requires sedation in the hospital. It will take place in a hospital I have never been to.

I need prayers that I do not get lost driving there and that I will be all that Emma needs today. It has been emphasized over and over to me that this is an extremely unpleasant test and while Emma will be sedated she will be concious as she needs to be able to follow directions. I am truly dreading this for Emma so please pray that I will be a tower of strength for her because at the moment – I feel like a coward quaking in my boots!

Please also pray for her medical caregivers – that they are kind and gentle with her and that all goes well and quickly without complication.

GOD BLESS You all!!



  1. Praying, praying! When Rebecca is in for a test, I just keep repeating the Hail Mary loud enough for her to hear it, the medical personnal may think I’m crazy, but it calms us both!

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