Posted by: ourbakersdozen | April 22, 2010

Emma Update

Emma was so great all through the testing that she was given not one – but two stuffed toys after.  The nurses LOVED her! Unfortunately the test results could not be worse and we will see the specialist soon to determine what her options are. I will not jump the boat and guess though I have strong suspicions as to the options. Still – my heart is grateful. I was worried that it could be cancer and it is not and that is TRULY something to be grateful for!

Thank you for everyone’s prayers. Emma and I stopped by the church just before we left for the neighboring city where the test was taking place and asked for prayers from some women who regularly pray the rosary after the 7 am daily Mass. They prayed over her and things went very smoothly. I prayed especially that I not get lost yet as soon as I entered the city I missed an important turn! But this was actually a blessing in disguise as I immediately ended up on the road I needed to be on and by being careful and observant – made it to the appointment on time.

The staff was warm, loving and so incredibly caring.  You could not ask for better service. It was a terribly uncomfortable exam and the sedation works more as a memory eraser than actual sedation so she experienced all the discomfort. But now – she describes the day as having been a blast! I’m glad for that as it was anything but a blast!

Keep us in your prayers as we work through this new twist thrown at us!



  1. I am praying for your family as you go through this trial. I am also grateful it is not cancer, yet it sounds as if you will have a long road, yet. At least Emma has a house full of people to dote on her, and knows how many people care and are praying for her.

  2. We so loved being there with you on Tuesday. Emma is pure joy! I’d love to see her again and Elsa as well. Jenny was wonderful too.
    I am glad that things went smoothly this morning and we will pray that you will be at peace with any decisions needed.
    Thank you again for the nice evening. It was so good for Emily.


  3. Oh dear! You and Emma and your whole family are in our prayers!

    In Christ,

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