Posted by: ourbakersdozen | April 5, 2010

I sat down and cried…

A week earlier I had pulled the bed from the wall and evicted all of the dust bunnies along with sundry junk that had collected over the colder months. I moved onto the baby cradle and cleaned it out and refilled it with baby dolls and their accessories. I bagged up the growing pile in the middle of the room and then went through the dressers and closet. It took about four hours to completely sort the room but it felt really good to know the little girls once more knew where their pjs were, along with their slippers, dolls, Sunday shoes & dresses.

Life is much easier when the children’s rooms are clean and they know where everything is. (And they know that I know that they know!!!)

Shortly after this pre-spring cleansing of the upstairs bedrooms a couple dropped off a few bags of clothing that mostly fit Emma and she had a blast doing a spring/summer fashion show for Aimee and I while Anna helped her work her way though all the exciting outfits.

However, the next day Elsa exclaimed when I encouraged her to go back upstairs and get dressed that there was nothing in her dresser but her winter gloves and a few pairs of undies. “Gracious” I replied “that’s not possible – go back upstairs and get dressed.” She grumbled but complied and left the kitchen. Aimee and I rolled our eyes at each other knowingly.  After all children a re so prone to exaggeration, no?

Later in the morning Elsa when caught still in her pyjamas again protested that there was nothing in her dresser…

Exasperated with her I hustled her up the stairs and pulled open a drawer and it was… empty! Shocked I pulled open the next and catching a glimpse of several laundry baskets filled to the brim beside the dresser I hesitantly opened one of Emma’s previously well organized filled to the top drawer and it too was E.P.M.T.Y.

A sick feeling in my stomach I called Emma to the room for an explanation and she quietly explained that one of her older siblings had emptied them. As to why she could only shrug her shoulders. I called the named culprit sibling and learned that she had emptied them with the intention of laundering them all and getting rid of the excess clothes that Emma now owned but had not been able to convince the boys to switch laundry days with her – hence all the clothing clean and dirty was not in the baskets.

Perhaps I was overtired but I sat right down and cried. Just balled. I am happy to announce the laundry has since been washed, sorted and is now happily back in their correct drawers. But sometimes – it’s dang hard being a mummy! Just dang hard!


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