Posted by: ourbakersdozen | April 5, 2010

Blessings of an unexpected fashion!

The weekend before Easter Emma starting running a fever that was often spiking at 103. She felt nauseous. Her tummy was hurting and she spent the weekend stretched out on my bed, a metal bowl by her side and eyes glued to my monitor as she watched cartoon after cartoon to pass the miserable hours away. Anxiously we awaited for more victims to fall and wondered if we were doomed to spend this holiday as well with heads hanging over bowls as we had all Christmas day. I was grateful when no one else joined Emma on her sick bed but curious. How could this be I wondered.

Monday her fever broke but her tummy continued to ache and the pain was now very much localized. Tuesday I took her in and tests were done to rule out a UT infection and her tummy, while tender, was soft so the Dr she saw ruled out appendicitis.  Fast forward to Easter Saturday…

I had all the Easter dresses washed and hung. White socks stored away and hair ribbons found. Boys’ dress pants were clean and shirts ready. I still was not sure what I was wearing but was working on that when Emma, as she popped some toast into the toaster winced and grabbed her right side and cried out. An hour later her fever was on the rise again. By this time the pediatrician’s office was once closed for the day so I packed a bag with lots of books, crayons and thankfully a couple of granola bars for myself.  Left directions as what to make for dinner and left with Emma for the ER. There we were cheerfully welcomed and my suspicions of appendicitis was echoed by all medical staff that we saw during the registering process.  Thus began a very, very, very, very long wait.

Emma and I waded through pages and pages of Ribsy while she also entertained herself by drawing in a little note book she had thought to bring. Rather than the numbers dwindling in the ER waiting rooms – they steadily increased as did the rumbles of hunger in my tummy. These were echoed by Emma’s tummy but I knew she could not eat. Finally 3 hours after our arrival we were called back to the exam rooms. Forty minutes later we finally saw the Dr and an IV was ordered along with a urine test and blood work and cat scan all with the intent of ruling out or proving the cause of her illness as appendicitis. An hour later her pain suddenly increased and brought back the nausea of the previous weekend and IV meds were administered to control this. Finally Emma was rolled over to her cat scan by a very cheerful gentleman and while I waited outside the door Emma faced her first ever cat scan- like the trooper she is.  It was over in minutes and she was rolled back to her little exam room and we turned the sound back up on the Nick JR channel and she settled back down to wait. However she soon began to shiver and I checked her with my thermometer and her temp was over 103.  I called the nurse who took an official reading by mouth and much to Emma’s dismay peeled one of her blankets back and left to get orders for Tylenol AND Motrin. By now the fifteen minutes it was to take for our doctor to read the results had passed by three times and I was feeling just a little antsy and as Emma began to feel the effects of her anti nausea meds and pain meds – she began to feel a little “happy”.

Finally the doctor arrived and announced the cat scan had definitively ruled out appendicitis but had uncovered that her right kidney was infected and slightly swollen.  IV antibiotics were administered and we were released with a 10 am appointment at our own pediatric clinic Easter Sunday morning… Emma woke Sunday morning, tired but anxious to attend Easter Mass so she joined Hugo, Gabriela, Bethany and I at the 8 AM Mass.  We headed pretty much straight from there to the clinic where we learned that most likely this has been an underlying condition for sometime and she will need to be seen ASAP by a urologist. Thankfully the Cat scan ruled out a tumor and we are so grateful for this.

Thursday morning we see the specialist and beg prayers for Emma’s caregivers that they will have clarity of vision and a correct diagnosis is made with as little discomfort as possible for Emma as well. I would like to also ask for prayers for myself that I receive the graces I need not to worry and am open to Gods will for little Emma. Please also pray for her as she continues with a fair bit of discomfort. We, as a family, are working together to keep her safe from any bumps or knocks on her back as we wait for the swelling to go down. At this time even slight pressure on her back causes her pain and I can not tell you how much I am worried about what would happen if she were accidentally hit there while playing.

I will try to post as I can but as you can imagine I am worried and very focused on the family at this time. This is our fourth medical crisis since October and I am just a little weary. Thank you in advance for you prayers!



  1. You and little Emma are in our prayers!

  2. I hope she gets better soon. Nothing worse than having a child in pain.

    • Thank you Ian and Wendy for your prayers and well wishes! We need them and appreciate them very, very much! 🙂

  3. Prayers for Emma and all of you. We’ve been hit by seemingly unending waves of illness, too. It’s hard on the Mommies!

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