Posted by: ourbakersdozen | March 27, 2010

An excellent read for the last days of Lent…

…can be found here.

And from now until Easter Monday I will be taking a break from my blogging.  As I mentioned earlier the past year of adjusting to the new job, new town and dealing with one small crisis after another has made the past months rough.  I sat down last night and listed what we had been through since last August and if I listed them here out loud – I honestly don’t think anyone would believe that all that can happen in one family. I almost can’t!

So I think that this week I need to hunker down with my family and focus on the beauty of the Holy Week and, if I have time, do a little writing for future posts but right I simply don’t feel I have anything of value to share with my friends. If I can I will post some of the promised picture from Aimee’s visit – there are many! So until Easter Monday I wish you the peace of the Risen Christ and the fruits of His Passion to come and  may God bless you and I pray that your Holy week will be filled with abundant blessings for you and yours!

See you Monday!



  1. So glad to have you on my blog list again! I still had the old blog URL!!
    Many blessings to you and yours this Holy Week!

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