Posted by: ourbakersdozen | March 26, 2010

Thanks be to God…

Sometimes it is easier to play ostrich than to face your personal boogy men! I had to face three of them. All in the form of government bureaucracy. As most of my readers know we are permanent residents and today I was going to have to deal with three different levels of government officials as we unsnarled some red tape.

For me – this is worse than going to the dentist whom I was introduced to at the ripe old age of five with an abscessed tooth pulled sans anesthesia to give you an idea of how I view dentists…

I became aware of the need for this red tape unreeling last Thursday when someone in the government called me. The lady who called was very kind but still I was worried. Heck – I was scared.  So I hid my head in the sand all weekend and while I was not on my knees praying – deep in the recesses of my heart I was praying. The new week dawned and government offices opened and I quivered in my boots and procrastinated.  I worked on my business, filling eggs to hand out as a way of introducing myself to the community. I watched training videos for my business but thought about the paper work I had to unveil from the mounds of paperwork I have from immigration. (Now Homeland Security) But I kept putting the worry back into Jesus’ hands. “Lord you know the issue – help me resolve this.” More paperwork arrived in the mail and now someone was “demanding” the name of my homeschool under which I had registered with the NC Government. I quivered some more… and prayed some more…. I prayed at dinner time. I prayed as I drove to pick Hugo up from work. I prayed when I would wake up at 2 am and laid there trying not to worry.

The result. Kindness every step of the way today when I finally bit the bullet. Polite, caring people who were supportive and apologetic for the complications we are facing as the result of two of children having their green cards stolen. The long and short of it is that we have to come up with 1000 dollars to get new copies… but at least people were nice and no one was mean or rude. I was greatly fearing that. I’m afraid I have a terrible headache and my back is tight with strain but I was treated with kindness and respect and I can not ask for more. Thank You Jesus! Not only that but every waiting room that I found myself in was either empty or close to it. No long hours of waiting and when I was seen – people took their time and it was just a very pleasant experience. Again – thank you Jesus! Thank you!



  1. I am so grateful on your behalf. I can only imagine the kind of worry you were dealing with. I pray that the funds will not be a struggle for you, as well.

  2. Oh there is NO 1000 dollars for us to be had! So what we will do is rather up in the air! We are 11 people living on an entry level teachers salary! I am hoping that as I build my new business I can save up a 1000 dollars as I can not really think of any other way to do it! 🙂 That will take a while. Until then it looks as if they will not have insurance.

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