Posted by: ourbakersdozen | March 25, 2010


Did I promise more pictures… I think I did. But the honest truth is that I am JUST poofed! We have been through so much the past few years and even with Hugo’s new job it has still been a whirl wind year filled with one crisis of  a sort or another. His job alone has brought about a huge change in our life.

For seven years Hugo and I did everything together. Traveled together, packed merchandise together, raised the kids together including bedtimes and baths… And suddenly we are leaving the house together at 7:15 every morning but I drop him off at the school and come home … alone. It has been a big adjustment – for everybody and not everyone, Cecilia for instance, has liked it.

And now I am taking on my own business. Part time. Run from home. Setting my own hours. And I am REALLY excited. (A little scared too.) I have my thinking cap on and looking forward to sharing  just what this new business is all about in a fun way that can maybe lead to a prize or two.

Well – Cecilia is signing to me that she wants to go to bed and my brain is signing to me that IT wants to go to bed so I will say good night although most of you will see this in the early morning!

And hopefully soon – I will have new pictures from Amanda’s/Aimee’s visit AND maybe a fun contest to announce my new business!


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