Posted by: ourbakersdozen | March 21, 2010

O days left…

… on all of my count downs. The count down to Aimee’s arrival. The count down to Bethany’s birthday fest. The count down to spring. Now I need to set some new ones. A count down to Easter and last, but not least, the count down to Elsa’s birthday. She will be turning FIVE next month. That will mean that I will have been blogging five years as I started blogging shortly after her birth.

Which reminds me – we have yet to find the two years of missing picture files and these include the photos from Elsa’s birth. A few prayers in that area will be gladly accepted.

So – to meet the first days of spring we bought a little swing for Cecilia and hung it up in the little playground behind out house that was once the school’s playground. It was in the mid twenties (Celsius) the last two days and she has been enjoying the play ground with her other siblings. Then I was gently nagged encouraged to join a good friend and her family on a nature walk. Hugo’s recovery from his back injury is very slow so he did not join us. But I was glad to have been nagged by my friend to get out and enjoy the beautiful sunshine and meet nature again.

I sound as though we have been covered under three feet of snow… which everyone knows has not been the case. But – it has been a cold winter for the south and we have not sufficiently warm gear to be able to truly enjoy the outdoors in weather of this sort.  What do children do with a prolonged November that last months? You know how November is up north – cold, rainy with little to no snow. Things are brown and drab and every one anxiously awaits the snow so that they can join the world of snowmen and angels, epics snow battles and forts. November drags on interminably but at least it holds the promise of snow and Christmas fast on its heels where as when we have a cold winter – after December we can only pine for the warm spring days. Once they arrive we soak them up like a dry sponge thirsty for water because we know that right around the corner are the dog days of summer with endless heat that seems to pool about your ankles slowing you down to a crawl.

So welcome Spring and hold off Summer.

(Over the next week – I will be editing photos from Aimee’s visit and getting a few up as often as possible but we are moving into the later part of Lent, with Holy week fast approaching so I promise to get photos up but I am not sure I will get much writing done over the next two weeks. )


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