Posted by: ourbakersdozen | March 16, 2010

Share your voice when it really counts!

CLICK HERE to be able to call congressmen with your opinion on the health bill.

I am an expat from Canada – I have seen first hand the failures of the system and have even suffered from the failures. But what the Democrats are trying to force on Americans is not even as GOOD as what Canada has. United States WILL REGRET this Health bill especially as at it stands now. It is not offering free health care at this time – that is way down the road.  In the initial stages of this bill – it is mandating you buy it – regardless of the cost to your family.  This bill is taking away your RIGHT to decide what is best for YOUR family.

Many months ago – I took the time to read through the bill. I did not read it line for line as they have filled it with pages and pages and pages of numbers and run on sentences designed to discourage you from reading. But I persevered and scanned over the numbers watching for words and slowed down when I came to them and read it.

What I read horrified me. The rights we are losing in this bill are horrific. My husband read it too and was horrified. I can not vote but I can encourage you to educate yourself about this bill and encourage you to take action and call your congressman. Please take the time to do this. CLICK HERE to contact your congressman or woman! Do it NOW!


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