Posted by: ourbakersdozen | March 16, 2010

Count down to spring…


A few people have commented on how they miss the family picture from mum2twelve. I love that picture as well. But I actually took this picture of that little bird up above… just before spring arrived and after we had had one last snowfall in February last year. This picture models very well my longing for spring and how I feel trapped in winter here. There is green blooming every where just as there are green leaves poking through the cotton patches of snow on the bush. The bird was soaking up the rays of sun that day. The same sun I am desperate to feel on my face SOON!  We are being teased horribly by the weather here in NC. We wake up to blue skies and a brilliant sun only to have the clouds roll in and the sweaters pulled out of the drawers that we keep hiding them away in.

So I am including the picture of this little bird in full so that you can share in my torment as I wait for the sun to come out to play for good! Aimee leaves for Ireland in just a few short days and we have no fun pictures from playing outside because it has been just too chilly and windy… and I am too tired of the chill to go walking in it.

PS don’t forget that you can click on the picture and it will open up in a larger picture allowing you to enjoy more details!


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