Posted by: ourbakersdozen | March 10, 2010


As of this time our eldest has both feet on this continent. Woo Hoo! We are all SO excited. I tell you it has been hard to have a focused school year this year – first we had Christmas with Miguel coming home after being away since August with almost zero contact. That was followed by his  graduation from Basic in Fort Knox in Kentucky and then Airborne Training in Fort Benning. This was followed by a ten day leave that finished only days ago… Whew! Party Party Party. We have just barely recovered from that visit and now we are excitedly awaiting Amanda’s arrival. However  – she will stay in the Charlotte area to visit her many siblings and inlaws, future inlaws as well as her niece and nephew that now live there! So the count down to Amanda’s arrival is at zero on my google home page but the count down to spring is still on… hoping you have been enjoying our count down with us!

Posting might be a little spotty during Amanda’s ten day visit during which time there will likely be a whirl wind visit to Fort Bragg… However – I have the count down scheduled to continue… hoping that I have not messed up the counting so at the very least you will have a picture a day until Spring.

Now – if you excuse me I need to go get ready to party err start school.


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