Posted by: ourbakersdozen | March 5, 2010

March’s Day Book…

Outside my window … clear blue sky with branches dancing to a brisk tune played by the wind that sometimes adds the rattle of my window panes to its melody

I am thinking … about the errands I have to do this afternoon and toying with the idea of bringing little Cecilia who loves to shop and see the world .

I am thankful for … a friendly voice who helped me work out details to make my DIL’s transition to her new home on base easier.

I am hoping … that the weather warms up soon as I am tired of being cold and still paying huge gas bills for the privilege of being cold !

On my mind … are two years of MISSING FILES of pictures – including Elsa’s newborn and first birthday pictures and trying not to freak out until we know they are gone for good. Hugo’s confident they are not so I am trusting in his confidence!

Noticing that … my room is in need of some housekeeping thought it’s not out of control… yet.

A few plans for the week … negotiating another hostage exchange with my best friend – coffee out with me and she might return my small glass bowl – how did I ever forget it there???  Photocopying some lessons for school and a lot of printing off of work sheets so come Monday I will really be in shape for a good school week. Paying still more bills!

From the kitchen … home made macaroni and cheese ~ my first attempt at this in years. If its good – I’ll share the recipe I found it online anyway! 🙂

Around the house … basement is still flooded but the front porch is clean and one of my sons is tidying the basement around the edges of the lake contained within it. Laundry is backing up because my washer is complaining of EO2 error consistently. Apparently EO2 means insufficient water – could there be a connection between this and the constant, though slow, flow of water through m y basement?

One of my favorite things … chubby babies!

A picture I am sharing …

Six of my eight daughters a year ago during Amanda’s visit from Ireland.  She is due next week – praying all goes well and she arrives safely as planned on the ninth – please feel free to add your prayers to mine!


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