Posted by: ourbakersdozen | March 3, 2010

carbon footprints and how to raise loving kids…

This comment to this article is so spot on… so if you have a large family… the next time someone complains about your carbon foot print just tell them this:

“You forgot the most important lesson in today’s society – reuse, reduce, recycle!!  In raising 11 children, my kids are ecstatic if they ever get brand new clothes (usually thanks to a grandmother).  They’ve long known the benefit (both financially and environmentally) of finding and buying almost everything used (tho’ I draw the line at undies and socks!).  And my 8 yr. old is reaping benefits from friends who are very impressed w/ his Pokemon collection handed down to him from his 19 yr. old brother (who got them from his grandfather who got them cheap at flea markets!).

Despite what our critics may think: the large family carbon footprint (while there may be A LOT of feet) is usually a good deal smaller than those who buy all new, all the time.”

Posted by Rachel on Thursday, Feb 4, 2010 9:44 AM (EST):



  1. How funny ( not like ha ha but intriguing) that you post this when I just seen a late night rerun of the Duggers, when I believe they were seventeen and counting, and someone asked them the same question and they responded basically the same way.

    Though you are aware that my family is rather small( very small compared to yours)My Mom was one of eleven and I guess that is where my great respect and admiration for large families comes from. ( we learn what we are taught and I have seen Mom’s family of many and that is good . I have also seen MY immediate family with only me and two brothers surviving and that was good too)I guess that the key is mutual respect. I see many insulting those with large families in ways like implying that they are using up too many resources and other amazing accusations.Then I see people who have many children insulting those with a few or none ( actually with none many assume infertility but a few is commonly seen as selfish and materialistic). It is just plain sad. Most of us are just doing what God has called us to do and deserve no judgement nor criticism from others who are have different circumstances. I guess that in this imperfect world, this is just how it goes but I just find it so sad.
    May God bless us all !

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