Posted by: ourbakersdozen | March 2, 2010

Mothering my children keeps me young

I remember a phone call ever so many years ago, okay almost 2 decades ago when my mother called me on my 29th birthday and asked me how I felt about turning thirty a year from now.  I was pregnant with our fifth child and after three years of infertility I was ecstatic that another little treasure was about to be welcomed into our home. Thirty? Just what was thirty supposed to feel like?

Thirty is seen as the beginning of ones middle age which supposedly is old and somehow, I guess, this was something I was suppose to fear.

But how could I fear the oncoming years when they were ordained to be filled with children’s laughter, energy and all the naughtiness that two boys, then 3 & 4, could fill a day with – sometimes at the behest of their older sisters one   5 & the other  just shy of 7.  And we were about to quadruple the joy with the addition of a fresh new much longed for baby.

This joy and laughter has continued to be multiplied over the following two decades and now I find myself just shy of fifty. I do cringe a little at the number but it is, after all, just a number.  But then again I find myself asking just what is fifty supposed to feel like – when I am surrounded by antics of the nine children still at home who range from 14 months to 19 yrs as well as two grandchildren whom we see often and are just 6 and 18 months old. Am I supposed to feel old because of a couple of digits beside my name?

In truth mothering, even with all of its tribulations and challenges that accompany all of the joy, keeps me young. And it would seem from looking at this album of families that it keeps other mums young too. Take a peek at this page and see if you find it as big as challenge as me to figure out  just who is the mother in the family photos with older children.



  1. I have been trying to comment on this for days.
    No time till now and all I can say is I agree with you I am coming up to my 43 birthday, the children have to remind me I forget all the time. I don’t feel any older. As the Mummy to 11 children I do feel that being involved with the older children and little ones and babies does keep me on my toes but it also keeeps me young in a way that is good. I am happy I sing I play on the floor I talk with older kids we joke around and have fun.
    I am Blessed!!!!!!!!
    God Belss you and your family

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