Posted by: ourbakersdozen | March 1, 2010

My word Press blog reviewed…

So at the time that I’m actually writing this post it has been 2 weeks since I “opened” my doors and according to WordPress stats over 1100 visitors have passed through my doors. Or about 79 readers a day. I have a hard time believing that especially as they do not count my visits! But there would be no reason for WordPress to lie about their stats so I’m guessing that I do have a lot of people traversing through my blog on a fairly regular basis. Kinda window shopping, looking in but not stopping in to say hello to the store owner.

And that’s kind of exciting. But if you are all not too shy I would love a little feedback. How do you like wordpress compared to my blogspot – from the visitor’s perspective that is? I ask because I have bitten the bullet and bought WordPress for Dummies and am anxiously awaiting its arrival because… because… I’m not sure that I am happy with my relocation. I love the title and the fresh start but I am not finding it so easy to do all I want to do and I miss a lot of the widgets and such that I could add to blogspot. Mind it took me a few years to build my blog and I kind of grew with blogspot as it developed and improved itself.

I have had a few complaints made, in a friendly fashion, from a few family members who don’t find it as easy to navigate through this blog and I can see their point. So I’m just wondering as I am pondering my move – are ya’ll happy with it?

So I’ll let you know more about what I think once my new bible book gets here and if it helps me resolve some issues I am having with my new home. And if you don’t mind – I’d love a little friendly feed back and if you have any complaints, please leave them too in the complaint comment box – just be kind. I’m feeling a little fragile about this whole newblogginghomethingy….



  1. Love the new website. Love the categories at the bottom. Makes it easy to find a post on a particular subject.

    The “recent posts” and the calendar are nice features too!

    Love that you can use a stat counter because I am that nosy too 🙂

  2. I miss the family picture at the top of the page. I believe some of the themes allow customized headers. I like the fact that I can post comments which link my own website. I couldn’t figure out how to link that directly with blogger, though I didn’t spend an inordinate amount of time trying.

    I hope that you won’t be disappointed to find that the book you have ordered is designed for the self-hosted version of wordpress. I have switched from the wordpress hosted version to the self-hosted because it is sooo much more flexible. I have not found any limitations at all in designing sites with the self-hosted install, having created websites with it for my father’s woodworking business, the one linked to my name here for our family, and a few others for organizations and businesses. The coding is extraordinarily deep, and the library of plugins, widgets and themes submitted by users is vast. If you are interested in looking into that aspect, check website. I have been very happy with for economical hosting and domain registration, myself.

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