Posted by: ourbakersdozen | March 1, 2010

Filing Missing baby report…

There is a small child kneeling on an adult’s chair at the kitchen table, eating a waffle… with an adult’s fork…  ‘Where is my baby?’ I have to ask.  Wasn’t she just born yesterday?



  1. Aww, Patrick and I were just saying how grown up she looks last night. I think it’s because she is so tall. But she still has that, oh so adorable baby face! And I like the new site. also!

  2. Yes I believe that she was just born yesterday.

    I remember because my baby was too and now he is in middle school and as we figured out when his brother ( who surely couldn’t have been born more than a year or two ago) got his drivers licence a couple weeks ago, my baby is eligible for a driving permit in only seven hundred and some days 😦
    Where does the time go ? No wonder I am getting so gray !!!

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhh! How I can relate! My oldest is 23!!!! My youngest is 6… where does the time go. Hug them hug them hug them!

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