Posted by: ourbakersdozen | February 28, 2010

A Joke Reversed…

Lights were out and all were in bed when Bethany, 11, poked her head in the boys’ room and offered Noah an extra blanket, noting how warm it was in the room. “Do you think you’ll need your fan tonight?” she asked before she left.

Settling himself under the blankets on his bed Noah’s eyes came to rest on his ceiling fan and narrowed as he spied several playing cards poking over the edges of the blades. Quietly he stepped across the room to the bunk bed where his younger brothers were already asleep. He deftly climbed up the side of the bunks and slipped the cards off, careful not to drop any on the floor.

Silently he crawled back into his bed and once he was nice and comfy again, he called to Bethany who has the room next to the boys. “Hey Bethany – do you think you could turn the fan on for me?”

Apparently feeling very sweet and helpful she quickly jumped from bed to assist him with this little chore and then stood expectantly in the doorway. When there was no shower of cards… Noah laughed heartily as he heard a flat toned: “I hate you.”

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