Posted by: ourbakersdozen | February 26, 2010

Stealing a little bit of time…

… from another blogger so I can have a little bit more time myself. In this article she shares about disconnecting from the Internet/computer so as to reconnect with … her family. Now lest you think that I am beginning to regret my blogging – nothing could be further from the truth. But it seems that even one of the bloggers whom I greatly admire and who also intimidates me a little because she has such profound thoughts to share… which she does in well written posts, a seemingly perfectly organized home, in addition to a blog with lesson plans for homeschooling and a book being co-authored with Danielle Bean in the pipeline to boot is wondering about keeping balance in her life.

Yes, despite the external appearance of being perfectly in control of her time, even Elizabeth Foss is wondering about how to organize her computer/writing time and still be completely integrated with her family. Perhaps I am not alone in my struggle to keep my other man under control and in his place…. Interestingly Elizabeth posted her “Disconnect to Reconnect” post the day I actually wrote “The Other Man in Your Life.” And since I am challenging myself, and any other readers who have discovered that their priorities just might be disordered, to meditate on this during Lent, I thought it only appropriate to share Elizabeth’s thoughts on this problem.

The only downside I can see to sharing this idea of taming our computer time is that I might actually see a decrease in readership – but if in this loss I have helped a few mums better prioritize their lives and better fulfill their vocations as wives and mothers… the loss will be well worth it. Just don’t forget to include visiting me now and then somewhere on your list of priorities, even if its at the bottom of it, okay?

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