Posted by: ourbakersdozen | February 24, 2010

Thinking of leaving you Mr Facebook…

I have been wondering Mr. Facebook – what is the point of having a list of FRIENDS if I can’t see their comments because you, Mr. FAcebook,  are choosing my friends for me based on a stupid news feed that you have designed to mechanically decide who I want to see & don’t want to see based on past viewing & or comment activity.

You know, Mr Facebook – this reminds me of something known as a peeping tom,  you know  – you peeping into my monitor and watching my interaction with my friends…. that’s just creepy!

And if case you haven’t figured this out yet – your stupid parameters can’t read MY MIND – just my key strokes. Thinking of leaving you Mr Facebook… if you don’t keep your paws off my friends list!



  1. It baffles me that people think Facebook is private. Of course they’re following you. Of course they’re watching you. From my very first day, the ads on the side were eerily well targeted. Somehow, they know where I go off of Facebook, too. It doesn’t excuse them messing with the friends feed, but no one should be wondering that they CAN.

  2. Oh I’m totally aware that they can follow us – have read articles on this in the past. Just trying to let them know my opinion on it all. (If you remember a while back you mentioned that they pay attention to their name popping up in blogs 🙂 While they can follow my keystrokes they can’t get in my head… and figure out who I really want to follow in my news feed…
    Surprisingly – the ads they put up on the side are almost never relevant to me. Guess I’m not traveling the Internet enough for Facebook to interpret my interests!

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