Posted by: ourbakersdozen | February 23, 2010

Following my Rule…

I am attempting to follow my new rule… and though I have not actually mapped out a time on the weekends for preparing for school – it did dawn on me that my preparation for this upcoming week… last week… had been rudely interrupted by something called life and maybe since we had done a great job following our new meal routine and I had played and read to the little ones – I should maybe use this quiet time to print off papers for tomorrows history and religion lesson for Nathaniel.

Last Monday was the beginning of a slow and tortuous week for me while I awaited for the first call, that was hopefully going to come from our second son and not an anonymous military personnel. First call – you wonder. Yes the first call informing us that Miguel has stood in the doorway of a flying plane and jumped…. and successfully landed. Many times on Monday, in my minds eye I saw, through his eyes, the clouds whizzing by while imagining him methodically going through step by step all that he had learned that he must do in order to survive that first of many jumps to come. Each time a chill would settle around his heart as I wondered what if he forgets even just one small step.”

What if, in that ultimate last defining moment as he jumped, he froze…

Monday came and Monday went . Slowly.

Finally I called him and he informed me that he had been sitting in the hanger since 3 AM until about 5 pm with his fellow soldiers – hoping for the winds to die down enough to make it safe to jump – that first jump.  Finally cold and disappointed they returned to their barracks and prepared to get up at 2 am to try again – now a day short in their required five jumps needed to graduate and become a bona fide paratrooper.

My misery stayed with that hollow sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Tuesday came and went. As a family we prayed the rosary again for his safety as for his fellow soldiers. At last I received a text: “Jumping out of planes is crazy”

I texted back: “are you texting me from mother earth and standing, or from a hospital bed or are you texting from heaven?”

He wrote back “LOL, standing, and on earth!”

“Do you like jumping from planes?”

“LOL yes! ”

Sadly the next time we heard from him was after his fourth jump and it was to inform us he had had a bad landing and had hurt his back & possibly broken his tail bone but compared to many other soldiers his injuries were nothing. One soldier had been airlifted due to severity of his injuries and several others had also suffered serious injuries including a broken hip and another had his arm badly mangled and lost most of the muscles in that arm. All in all fifteen soldiers were injured that one day.

We went to bed with a heavy heart, worried for him and the seriously injured students. The next morning we prayed the rosary as they jumped their fifth jump into their graduation ceremony – something very rarely done.  Many, many members of our parish were praying for his safety and for his fellow soldiers. They all safely landed and Miguel texted me:


I was buying groceries and it was hard not to whoop out loud but I did give a little jump and shook a fist in the air!  It is a very different life being the mother of a soldier.

Later that night as I was working on this coming weeks worksheets for Nathaniel’s religion and history… we learned that Miguel was free until March 3rd and would be flying into Charlotte on Saturday morning. All worksheets were put on hold – indeed forgotten – until tonight. And now, with the dust from life’s interruption settling down I’m ready to start printing off those works sheets once more and I am really looking forward to see how well I will do with following my new rule!

I’ll let you know at the end of the day… tomorrow!


  1. YAY! An official 82nd Airborne Paratrooper! An elite group if I say so myself!

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