Posted by: ourbakersdozen | February 23, 2010

Following my Rule update

UPDATE February 23rd

How did I do following my rule… well… I stayed off the computer/Internet. But as is so often the case when  you are trying to repair damage from an unbalanced life – my day did not go as planned.

Yesterday – rather than accomplishing a lot of school with the little ones, I spent the day creating a filing system for their school work. I had all the pieces I needed but had not yet put it together. So while my younger fry did math, I filed and filed and filed. Whew! Thought to myself – okay we are off to the races tomorrow.

We got to the starting line just fine this morning, but before the gun went off I discovered a loose thread, so to speak, and made the mistake of pulling it and completely unraveled the day. However – it is all progress. Even if it is not what I have planned for each day… I …. am… making… progress.

This is what I keep reminding myself when I am tempted to compare the real me to the fantasy me. You know – the one that gets up in the AM, throws her make up on and beautiful clothes, has breakfast on the table before the sun is up, dog fed and exercised, laundry cheerfully tumbling in the washer with another load already drying BEFORE she has even contemplated exercising the dog. That lady… the one I will never be – but rides my shoulder like a monkey laughing evilly at me when I don’t measure up to the impossible goal of Superwoman.

So – yes I am following my rule in spirit as in I am being a mum& wife first, blogger & writer second. And in the end that is what is important not that I meet every single solitary goal or die in the process.  I just have to try to remember that when I hear that monkey on my shoulder chuckling.


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