Posted by: ourbakersdozen | February 20, 2010

tax refund wishlist

Recently a friend suggested that I try turbo tax as the means of processing our income tax returns as I had been lamenting that since leaving Canada I had not dared attempt to navigate the complicated tax returns of my new homeland. In the last years of our life in Canada I had mastered their tax forms but the one year I ludicrously considered the possibility of avoiding our hefty accountants fee and try to navigate the deep tax waters of the U.S. I took one look at the complicated forms and and abandoned ship!

However, this year we have not even earned half as much as we used to pay in taxes when my husband worked for Nortel so I did not think we could expect much of a tax return and, as such, the thought of paying anyone to prepare our taxes was a bitter pill to swallow.  Imagine my surprise when I followed my friend’s advice and discovered we would get a tidy sum back from the government.  Better yet – if I efiled I would get this sum in a matter of weeks…

I whizzed through the program, payed my fee and hit ‘send’ to efile. I promptly received an email confirming that the federal government had received my tax return and the schedule of expected direct deposits dates sent me to bed dreaming of sugar plums and $$ faeries dancing in my head.

Imagine my shock and dismay in the morning when there were not one but two emails from turbo tax informing me that both the federal and the state tax offices had refused my tax files because the spelling of the last name of two of my children did not match their files… I checked and rechecked my files and turbo’s files and sadly came to the conclusion that someone in the land of taxes had mis-typed the last name of two of our children the last time we had efiled.  Sadly I was going to have to m a i l my tax forms in…. I found some envelopes, gently peeled the last of  my stamps off their backing and sent my forms off to Georgia and Raleigh, NC.

Yet as time has passed by I have realized that there is no cloud without a silver lining. This extra time between my filing and my auto-deposit means there is more time for me to dream about how to spend this money. I thought I would share my wish list with you. (Please take note this is a WISH list only… what this money is most likely to really be spent on will not likely resemble this list all that closely, but I am having fun dreaming!)

I will begin with this item… or maybe this one as both Hugo and I would like to buy a new one since we both typically wake unrested and with aching backs which I am sure has nothing to do with the number of short people who invariably visit on and off throughout the night.

I might also invest in a thousand pens in hopes of being able to find one when I need… for at least maybe the next 6 months.

Or maybe we could splurge and go here this spring!

But more likely if we splurge in a vacation it would be a three day weekend here.

I would also love any all of the following:


desk top with a new

printer and


Or how about a photocopier, after all mine has bitten the dust and is essential to my homeschooling.

Think of the bread I churn out daily with one of these and wouldn’t my kids (and husband!) love me if I had this built into the kitchen.

How about the money one could save on long distant charges skyping on this.

Think of the food I could store in this and the money I would save buying sales items in bulk.

Hmmm, since my 2 yr old washer is not behaving maybe I should threaten to replace it.

What about a second vehicle for my hubby so we would not have to fight over share our 15 passenger van daily.

Or, sigh, maybe I should just be wise – pay a few bills and save the money for a rainy day. What are you planning on spending that tax refund on? Come on – don’t be shy tell us!



  1. Except for the $1000 I got to spend on a new camera, ours is going into the farm. Another cow, some calves to raise for beef, chickens and ducks, apple trees and blueberry bushes, a spare tractor for parts… We have a list, too, with every dollar accounted for. 🙂

    • Well – there are a few things on this list that we will definitely get – like a new microwave, possibly a freezer, money for a (very cheap) second vehicle to save on gas and wear and tear on our family vehicle. But most importantly – we will start our citizenship process which will be a 1000 right out of the box! Add fingerprinting fees and photos… and it will add up to another 1000 very quickly! Still it needs to be done! Hugo will “borrow” a little spot of cash to invest in merchandise to sell over the summer. If any is left then it will go into savings for a down payment on a house – preferably outside of town so that our future tax returns can look like your wishlist! So I need to find a means of putting this money in a short term locked account that we will not penalized for taking our money out when we need it to buy our beloved future home. Any suggestion folks???

  2. We always use our tax refund to make our down payment for next year for school. That’s due March 1st. We have 5 at a private school, so we get a big refund but also have a big down payment. So, no wish list here….

    • But how nice to be able to count on that for your deposit! Still its fun to have a wish list… Thanks for taking the time to share Pam! Do you have a blog I can check out?

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