Posted by: ourbakersdozen | February 19, 2010

First Friday of Lent

Will you be attending the Stations of the Cross at your local parish?

Some of our teens might but the little ones and I will be doing this activity each Friday of this Lent. I have printed two copies of the stations of the cross so we can paste them on both sides of the votive candles. I found mine at (I’m sorry but there is no small craft store in town that I am aware of so…) Wal-mart. They had a dozen per pack for just under 7 dollars. There were no matching individuals so I had to buy two packs. Still this should last us a few years and now I have a few spares… Not sure I am going to glue them on a board or not though I have some wood I could use.

I’ll post photo results and share how well this activity was received by the younger tykes early next week.



  1. Thank you for the reminder! I’d bookmarked the pictures intending to print them when I received a new toner cartridge for the printer and totally forgot.

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