Posted by: ourbakersdozen | February 18, 2010

The Other Man in Your Life…

Do you have another man in your life?

I am sure all my readers are recoiling and exclaiming ‘NO, of course not! How ridiculous a question!!’ Hmmm, are you so sure? I think this is a valuable question to ponder as we wade into the season of Lent.

This question was born in my heart when I heard one man comment to my husband that “No, my wife is not with me tonight – she is home with her other man, the computer.”


Granted his statement was followed by a chuckle but I was left with a rock in the pit of my stomach. How many of us today have another man in our lives? Maybe it’s the inordinate time we spend  “playing” on our computer, or the time we spend socializing on Facebook,  blogging or just the Internet in general. Or possibly we have a hobby that started out as an innocent past time that has become “our other man”.  Maybe it’s a volunteer position that has replaced our spouse…

For me – the Internet is my other man, the fellow capable of seducing me away from my spouse and family. So this lent will find me especially vigilant of taking care that my hobby, aka my blog, has not crept up so high on my priorities that it’s replacing the 3rd P (Partner) and/or the 4th P (Parenting)  in my rule of life or worse even surpassing the first P – prayer!

So how about you, can you still say there is no other man in your life? And should you discover, when you examine the priorities in your life this lent, that actually there is one; what are you going to do about this affair you have just realized you are having?

Myself, I am going to work very hard on following the rule, or routine that I wrote out for myself a week ago because there should never, ever be another man in my life – not even if his first name is ‘Internet’.



  1. Greetings, fellow Catholic blogger! Thanks for posting this wonderful reminder here at the start of Lent. Yes, we can all let something else be the other “person” in our lives. I’m not married (and I’m a man, by the way), but I can let an “idol” interfere with my spiritual walk. And too often the computer games and/or the internet has been that idol! So during Lent I need to spend more time with the big “P”–prayer–and less time on this blasted machine!

    My dad spends much of his day on the computer, doing email, playing games, etc., and my mother has complained that the computer has become his “mistress.” And she doesn’t chuckle about it like your husband did when referring to the computer as your “other man.” So these wonderful products of modern technology are certainly double-edged swords. They can help, and they can hurt.

    God bless you during this Lenten season. May we both draw closer to our greatest love, God!

  2. By the way, I’m into the “Sunday Snippets” too! I hope you’ll check out my own blog:

  3. […] and still be completely integrated with her family. Perhaps I am not alone in my struggle to keep my other man under control and in his place…. Interestingly Elizabeth posted her “Disconnect to […]

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