Posted by: ourbakersdozen | February 15, 2010

What Ever Happened part two

Either my children are well trained by now about my attitude towards too much candy or they had managed to sneak snack on enough to be ready to relinquish control of their bags as there was no protest as I stuffed the now refilled and very wrinkled paper mailboxes onto the top shelf of my pantry closet. Nary a sound was uttered as the three of them eyed their bags neatly lined up – out of reach.

Supper prep began as Nathaniel cheerfully sliced olives as a garnish for our Friday night pizza. The older boys got the banana peppers ready for their pizza and to Noah’s dismay he discovered that the red tins he had grabbed off the store shelf thinking they were anchovies were in fact sardines packed in fine olive oil… Before long the delicious smell of melting cheese and baking dough was issuing forth from the kitchen.

Meanwhile there was the matter of three overflowing paper lunch bags of candy. And three little ones hungrily eyeing them as they passed back and forth through the pantry. I debated – should I make them earn all of this candy a few pieces at a time for jobs well done and drag out the lifespan of this continuous temptation to ask me… “may I have just one more piece please mummy?” I was already fending off such requests with the question “Do you want a toothache? You know too much candy will make your teeth hurt!”

I was leaning towards just handing the bags over to when 4 yr old Elsa, who has just finished her serving of pizza and cup of root beer began to sob.

“Christmas! Remember Christmas? I just want Christmas… I think I am going to frow up! I don’t waaaaant to. Chrissssstmas – I want Christmas!”

Given last Christmas day was spent with 3/4 of the family isolated in the living room surrounded with buckets I did not understand her wish for Christmas… Her pale face and looming brown eyes had  me calculating.  Christmas memories + Pizza + candy = very messy night… I did not like this equation but grabbed a metal bowl which caused a whole new string of shrieks from Elsa “No no no I don’t want a bowl. I don’t want to frow up.” Desperate to distract her I started to ask questions about the Valentines party… which Emma so helpfully answered before Elsa could. Finally inspired by her continuous pleas for Christmas – I put her favorite cartoon, Kipper and Christmas Eve, on and discreetly set the metal bowl near her – just in case.

Me thinks I am getting to be a softy in my old age (Or Peggy is wearing me down) because despite Elsa’s apparent sugar dose I am still struggling with what to do with these bags of candy – still half full.

So what do you think I finally decided to do?

(Trying to insert a poll here… however you might have to look to the side or in a separate post)

Okay – a little disappointed with wordpress here. They work with polldaddy for their polls yet I am unable to place a poll directly in the post despite there being an “insert a poll” button  in the posting section. When I place the poll on the side it only shows the question as a link that takes you to polldaddy – which is kind of a pain.

Here are the questions, you can leave a response in the comments section if you wish or click on the poll question on the right side of my blog.

1) Let them have at it and worried about the dental bills later

2) Threw it all out so as to be done with it

3) Hit it and let them earn it back through extra chores and good deeds

4) divided the remaining candy into four days per kid so it would all be gone by Ash Wednesday



  1. I was dismayed by the amount of candy our children brought home from school valentine’s celebrations, too. Three of our children are grouped in multi-grade team teaching groups, and adding the oldest child, we needed 90 valentines. I managed to find a bag of 30 valentines for $3, but included a candy sucker. For the preschooler, big sister helped make 18 more paper heart valentines for his classmates. He ended up bringing the most candy home of all of them!

    I just let them go at it in one go. I can’t deal with constant begging, or sneaking into the pantry to steal treats. Better done and then brush their teeth. No cavities yet for the lot of them! We have had occasional throwing up.

  2. Oh, I just had a look at the poll, and it supplies an embed code to place into a post on the poll daddy poll page. I know I managed to post a poll once on my old hosted wordpress blog, but I don’t recall how I did it anymore. It’s too bad they don’t offer plugins for the hosted wordpress like they do for a privately hosted wordpress install.

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