Posted by: ourbakersdozen | February 3, 2010

The first of, hopefully, many monthly daybooks…

Outside my window … after a hazy morning, the kind where you want to stoke up the woodstove and put the kettle on, it is now sunny and the snow is dripping to a steady beat. Fresh air is gently rustling my blinds. Fresh air can be intoxicating, can’t it?

I am thinking … of this blog and how to develop it so that it is not only a visual keepsake of my mothering but is also a help to others.

I am thankful for … the carpenter who repaired our pantry ceiling this week. Not only was he cheerful and friendly – he was TIDY. Important to a mum to many who is eternally sweeping.

I am hoping … that our homeschooling schedule will continue to pull together and that our prayer life will improve!

On my mind … how to incorporate prayer into the start of our day. I think I need to catch the bull by the horns and just do it!

Noticing that … Elsa’s beautiful hair is forever in need of grooming. Why are we keeping it so long when she hates to wear it in pony tails or braids and hates brushing it even more? Maybe she would like a shorter hair style?

A few plans for the week … negotiating a hostage exchange with my best friend – coffee out with me and I’ll return your Christmas plate… communion class, paying bills!

From the kitchen … home made pea soup which my daughter is cutting the onions for and saving me tears in the process. Last night was a simple casserole made from left over ham, boxed scalloped potatoes and broccoli. They scraped the pan and their plates clean.

Around the house … finally cleaned up the leaks under the kitchen sink and master bedroom (the one that caused the pantry ceiling to cave in) only to discover the basement is flooded…

One of my favorite things … the smell of chi on freshly straighten hair – esp when its on mine!

A picture I am sharing …

One of my favorite boys: Alexander at four and half months!



  1. How gorgeous Alexander is !!!!!!

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